Ismail Zaidy

b. 1998, Marrakesh, Morocco; lives in Marrakesh


Ismail Zaidy is a Moroccan photographer who began his photography journey in the summer of 2017, around a hub of creatives. He uses a Samsung S5 to express his inner perspective in an abstract and minimalist style. Largely influenced by his family, his work often features his siblings, who he cites as central to the development behind his projects. Working with his brother Othmane and sister Fatimazahra, he describes his process as expressing an inner point of view on topics that cannot be expressed through words. The siblings often work together to develop ideas, stage shoots, and photograph the subjects. Zaidy’s photography is inspired by his childhood home in Marrakech, and watching the women wear their fabrics, like the djellaba, on the streets. He approaches all his projects with an intention to connect back to his culture.