Nasser AlYousif

1940-2006, b. in Muharraq, Bahrain; lived and worked in Bahrain.


Nasser AlYousif is a leading figure in Bahrain's contemporary art movement. He stands as one of the pioneers in Bahrain who spearheaded the formation of a modern art movement and the development of its artistic infrastructure. AlYousif illuminated Bahraini identity through diverse subjects, techniques, and materials inspired by the culture and environment. He shone as an artist, thinker, and mentor.


 AlYousif drew artistic inspiration from the country's rich traditions and natural beauty. In Roots, the themes of family, labor, and the land are symbolized by the roots that intertwine humanity and the earth. Personalities from the Neighborhood is drawn from a series of works the artist produced later in his career after losing his eyesight. The work portrays a tightly knit community through abstracted figures, highlighting the daily routines of its inhabitants and their strong bonds. 


AlYousif’s work can be found in museums across the Arab World and in private collections. During his lifetime, AlYousif proudly represented Bahrain in cultural forums and exhibitions internationally. In 1995, Sharjah recognized him as a fine arts pioneer in the Arabian Gulf.