Jamal AlYousif

b. 1963, Manama, Bahrain; lives and works in Bahrain

Jamal AlYousif is a Bahraini artist focusing on socially conscious sculptures centered around the human condition. He was born in 1963 in Manama, Bahrain. AlYousif studied engineering and sculpture at Cogswell Polytechnical School and the College of Marin in San Francisco, USA, before returning to Bahrain to establish his design practice. 


As a designer, he creates socially conscious sculptures focused on the human condition. His work is housed in esteemed collections across the Gulf and the United States. AlYousif contributes significantly to Bahrain’s cultural scene through regular local exhibitions and mentoring emerging artists.

AlYousif is known for executing exhibition and spatial design projects internationally, including in Paris, Doha, Kuwait, and at the J. F. Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.