Abdul Karim Al-Orayyed

b. 1934, Bahrain; lives in Bahrain


Abdul Karim Al-Orrayed is a prominent figure in the world of contemporary Bahraini art. His artistic versatility is evident through his work across diverse mediums, including oil paintings, drawings, watercolors, and printmaking.


Al-Orrayed’s oil-on-canvas piece shown here is a celebration of the island’s urban grid, rendered in exquisite detail and vibrant color. Al-Orrayed captures the essence of Bahrain’s unique landscape, harmoniously blending the rich hues of its arid terrain with the deep blues of the surrounding sea.


Al-Orrayed co-founded the Bahrain Contemporary Arts Association and in 1960 he established the first private art gallery in Bahrain. Throughout his career, Al-Orrayed received numerous awards and recognition, both in Bahrain and abroad including the 1984 State Art Encouragement Award and the 1999 Al Dana Golden Award in Kuwait. In 2007, he was bestowed with the Shaikh Isa Medal, an acknowledgment of his significant contributions to the field of art.