More Than Your Eyes Can See: Contemporary Photography from the Arab World

3 June - 21 October 2022

Curated by Laila Abdul-Hadi Jadallah


More Than Your Eyes Can See: Contemporary Photography from the Arab World features the work of 15 photographers from the Arab world and its diaspora who are defining the practice of photography in the Middle East. Employing photojournalism and fine art photography, their diverse work provides an intimate and dynamic lens through which to see the Arab world—shedding light on the lived experience and taking viewers to new and unexpected places.


The exhibition celebrates some of the most exciting voices of a generation of artists and photographers who are pushing boundaries, and challenging what we know and how we see. Through storytelling, experimentation and new media, their work marks the present and imagines possible futures, as they explore notions of place, identity, the body, the environment, youth culture, politics, and more.Ultimately More Than Your Eyes Can See introduces audiences to a world that is so much more than it appears. 


The exhibition is organized in partnership with Tribe magazine, a non-profit publication and platform focused on documenting photography, film and video from the Arab world. Tribe has featured the work of all of the artists included in the show.


Artists: Mohammad Alfaraj, Eman Ali, Amr Attamimi, Zied Ben Romdhane, Imane Djamil, Farah Foudeh, Rula Halawani, Yasmine Hatimi, Samar Hazboun, Amir Hazim, M'hammed Kilito, Seif Kousmate, Fethi Sahraoui, Najla Said, and Ismail Zaidy.


Countries represented: Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. 


This exhibition was made possible thanks to the generous support of Anne B. Keiser. 


Printed by Frank Hallam Day.