Maha Nasrallah

Maha Nasrallah is a Lebanese-Canadian architect, practicing in Beirut since 2002 and teaching part-time at the American University of Beirut’s School of Architecture since 2003. Nasrallah began experimenting with clay in 2010 and, from this, later co-founded the Bkerzay Pottery Workshop (est. 2011) an eco-friendly project in Baakline- Lebanon where she exhibits her work permanently.

In 2017, Nasrallah won the Lebanese Architect Award for Sustainable Architecture and claimed first prize at the Age of Ceramics competition hosted by Lebanon’s Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (MACAM).

Nasrallah’s recent works center around themes of self-exile and in betweenness after her move to Montreal prompted by the recent acute economic crisis in her home country Lebanon.