Amr Attamimi



b. 1990, Sana’a, Yemen; lives in London, England


Amr Attamimi is a self taught artist from Yemen. His self expression is characterized by  surrealist and contemporary styles. In a country where artists often find trouble to break through the barrier of tradition, Attamimi has taken inspiration from his experience and world around him, and uses art as an escape, reflecting his emotions and inner thoughts to the people in Yemen and the rest of the world. 


Attamimi began taking photographs in 2010, and after receiving strong support for his work, his passion for photography grew rapidly. His work has been exhibited in Yemen, the Emirates, Kuwait, U.K. and was featured in magazines and newspapers such as Le Monde. He aspires to show the various stages of his trajectory, channeling his thoughts and experiences, and reflecting his ideas across many parts of the world. Attamimi moved to the U.K./ London in 2015 where he currently lives and works as a consultant. He continues his journey to discover his artistic and personal identity in a place far from home and family.