Yasmine Hatimi, KOZ Collective

b. 1986, Casablanca, Morocco; lives in Casablanca 


Yasmine Hatimi was born in Casablanca, where she now works as a photographer. In 2004 she left Casablanca for Madrid to pursue degrees in cinematography and photography. After nine years she returned to Morocco with the intention of rediscovering her country through her photographic work. An eternal dreamer, her work lies between melancholy and poetry, and seeks to transmit an atmosphere  inspired by  her internal universe. Her latest work focuses on young Moroccan masculinity, which she approaches with a certain dreamlike romanticism. 


Her work has been shown at festivals and venues including Photo España, Festival photo Saint Germain, Alliance Française de Safi, Musée Mohamed VI (Rabat). Her photographs have been featured in magazines and newspapers such as El Pais, Mille World, Nataal, Float Photo Magazine and CNN Arabica. Yasmine is part of KOZ collective founded by four Moroccan visual artists working on long term projects and sharing a passion for storytelling.





Co-founded by M’hammed Kilito, Seif Kousmate, Imane Djamil and Yasmine Hatimi in 2020, KOZ is a collective of four Moroccan visual artists working on long term projects and sharing a passion for storytelling. 


Aware of the rise of a fast and sometimes incomplete global media landscape, the artists focus on hybrid and research-based work, interrelating their personal experiences with the diverse and complex world. They believe that artists are witnesses and storytellers and can contribute to bringing change through photography by grounding themselves in their environments and shedding light on undocumented and untold stories.


Koz, meaning 4 in Amazigh, is a pun that highlights the very essence of the members’ visual work, which, from documentary to fiction, stands for a deeply rooted and keen interest in making sense of current events.