Mohammad Alfaraj

b. 1993, Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia; lives in Al-Ahsa


Artist Mohammad Alfaraj’s interest in multiple artistic and cultural practices is fueled by the Saudi Arabian oasis in which he was born. Through filmmaking, video, photography, installation, and writing, he presents a world charged with stories and tensions between the roots of belonging and tradition, modernity and the pace of progress. His practice draws inspiration from people, land and imagination, exploring the relationship between form and concept through edited photographs. Alfaraj uses and reuses found materials from Al-Ahsa and other places he visits, combining them with spiritual and material elements to create works filled with memory, poetry, imagination, knowledge and examples of coexistence between humans, nature and other beings. His work explores the decomposition and decay that affects the relationships between these elements, with the belief that salvation is always in our hands.