Farah Foudeh

b. 1991, Lagos, Nigeria; lives between Barcelona, Spain and Amman, Jordan


Farah Foudeh is a photographer and researcher interested in the impacts of past and present images on our perception of reality. Born and raised in Nigeria to second generation Palestinian Jordanian parents, she constantly floated between contrasting worlds, growing very aware of the difference between perception and reality in the media. Foudeh graduated in 2012 with a BA in International Studies from the American University in Washington DC, specializing in International Communications and the Middle East. Her interest in pursuing her degree stems from her multicultural upbringing. 

After four years living in the U.S., she settled in Amman, diving into the field of development and tourism, and studying the influence of images on travel trends and human behavior. Her growing interest in the impact of media and photographs led Foudeh to pursue a Master’s degree in Photography and Design at Elisava University in Barcelona (2017). She believes it is important to investigate the misrepresentations of the past in order to understand where we are today, and where we can go from here.